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We’re a small family dairy farm in Upstate NY. We pride ourselves on raising and caring for high quality cattle to produce safe, wholesome milk.


The Ayrshire breed has origins in Scotland and the cows typically have a mahogany-red coloring. They’re known for their hardiness and vigor, especially as calves! New England is similar to Scotland in various ways and our Ayrshires thrive even during our notoriously cold winters!
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The milk our cows make goes to the only milk processing facility in New York City: Elmhurst Dairy. Elmhurst supplies milk to over 8,300 grocers and 1,400 public schools in the NYC area. Elmhurst receives milk from many of our neighboring farms and local, Upstate NY farms. Check out their interactive map of all the farms that supply milk to Elmhurst’s plant in NYC.

 Meet the family:

Eric & Tay
Growing up, you couldn’t keep Eric out of the barn – he’s grown up with a deep passion for dairy cattle. He was very competitive in Dairy Judging throughout his youth, competing up to the international level – now during his summers you can find him judging youth and open shows throughout the northeast as well as showing selected cows from our herd.
He graduated in 2010 from Cornell University with his Bachelors in Animal Science with a focus on Dairy Management. I’m Taylor – the voice behind the website and social media channels for the farm. Eric & I met while I was attending SUNY Cobleskill for my Bachelors in Ag Biotechnology. I am an Agriculture & Technology teacher at Galway Central School District in Saratoga County. We recently purchased a facility in Sloansville, NY and purchased the herd of cattle from Eric’s parents. The new facility allows us to expand our herd while maximizing cow comfort! We’re excited for our future at this new farm! Check back for periodic updates on our transition!



Jim & Ellen
They’re seen here cutting the cake at their 30th Anniversary party. They’re affectionately known as “Jimbo” & “Fred” around the farm. Ellen taught 3rd grade at Schoharie Elementary for over 20 years, but retired in 2016. After selling the cows, Jim is now focusing solely on field crops and growing high quality forage for our girls!

 Julia & Brett

Julia & Brett
SUNY Cobleskill has a knack for introducing people to their future partners – Julia met Brett while she was attending SUNY Cobleskill for Agricultural Business Management. He was a Diesel Technology major and today they’re farming with Brett’s parents in Northern New Jersey.

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