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FFA is lame? An Open Letter to PETA2 From New Ag Teacher

I wont lie. Finishing grad school and being a new teacher has limited my time for social media interactions lately. But when I did take a few minutes to log on, I became frustrated rather quickly. This week, a negative post was released about an incredible educational and leadership organization, the National FFA. To prevent Read More


The GMO Debate & Campbell’s Switch

Campbell’s made the news in a big way this week – releasing a statement that they plan to change their stance on labeling their food products that contain “Genetically Modified Organisms” (GMO’s). They’ve been staunchly opposed to mandatory labeling of products, even working to defeat several state wide ballot initiatives for mandatory labeling. At first, Read More

I Know My Farmer

Not a Resolution, but a Request for the New Year

I’m typically not one for New Year’s Resolutions or the “New Year, New Me” hype that is typical of the new year. I’m more of a “set goals ↔ track progress ↔ evaluate” in a cyclic, year round fashion, type of person. But this year, I do have a few resolutions – I am resolving to stress less and Read More

Why I Fed A Cow A Magnet

Why I Fed a Magnet to A Cow #AgTechTuesday

Yes, it’s true – We fed a magnet to a cow this week. No, it wasn’t an alphabet magnet and it wasn’t accidental – it’s because we were trying to treat a cow with something called “Hardware Disease.” Hardware disease sounds like something an auto mechanic gets from their obsession with purchasing tools, but in reality, it’s Read More

Holiday Wish List

Ag Tech Tuesday – Holiday Edition!

In this edition of #AgTechTuesday, we’re comparing a tech lover’s holiday wish list to a farmers holiday wish list! Surprisingly, there’s lots of overlap and similarity!  #1. Wearable Tech!  Wearable tech is the latest rage in fashion and technology lately! My emails and advertisements are flooded with deals and savings for FitBit’s, JawBones, Apple Watches, and Read More

Tech Tuesdays

Tech Tuesday, Farm Style! SchoolTool for Cows!

More often than not, my life on the farm comes up in conversation with friends and co-workers. Some friends and colleagues are from the Albany area, so they think it’s fabulous that I’m involved in agriculture since they’re not exposed to it on a daily basis. They’re always asking me about how things are going on the Read More


On Love, Loss & Giving Thanks

This week, our world came to a screeching halt at the news of one of Eric’s closest friends passing unexpectedly. Adam, or “Burgess” as he was known, was loved by many – If there’s anyone who could put an entire room in stitches, it was him. He had a huge laugh and an even bigger heart. He Read More


National Espresso Day

It’s National Espresso Day! Espresso and I are good, well scratch that: best friends. If I don’t have real espresso, I’m usually mixing in my favorite espresso protein powder, Click! into milk for a pick-me-up or an easy drink on the go. The latte pictured below is my new personal favorite: Snickerdoodle! I mixed a Read More

Did You Know-

Comfort Food – For Us & Our Animals!

I don’t know about you, but when it gets to a certain point in the fall, it’s like a switch has been flipped and all I crave is comfort food. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the time change, the holiday ads or what – but I stop wanting iced lattes or salads and all I Read More

Fall Ad

Featured in the News!

Despite a mix-up with the spelling of our last name, we were thrilled to be featured in Lancaster Farming back in September! We’re passionate about breeding high quality Ayrshires for the show ring and milk production. Showing has been a family event since Eric & Julia started as children – Ellen & Jim were 4-H Read More